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A partire da quest'anno abbiamo aggiunto al nostro catalogo una serie di articoli in legno d'olivo. L'accesso a quest'area è riservata ai soli rivenditori.
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Alabastro di Volterra
The art of carving alabaster began during the Etruscan Era. The extraordinary skill and creativity of this mysterious civilisation has been handed down through the centuries...
The use and care of Alabaster
We realize complete maintenance and restoration of antique alabaster objects. Alabaster artefacts require a little attention and care in their placement and cleaning...
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Vases » Chiselled vases

Very rich the carving of this prestigious vase. The vase's body, which has a round shape, is deeply chiselled with a grapes motif. The top and the bottom are carved in a plaiting of Acanthus leaves and the lid is adorned with leaves and other decorative elements. The choice of the block to turn is very careful: transparent Agata alabaster with warm amber tones.
Unique piece.
Price: €. 1350,00
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Very pretty oval amphora with a finely chiselled satyr shaped handle. Particularly refined the turning obtained with the
technique of carving in two separate parts which allows to make such a small mouth in a light vase.
The high quality of the details depends also on the hardness and homogeneity of this precious kind of alabaster.
Unique piece.
Il Satiro
Price: €. 360,00
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This neoclassic style hand chiselled vase was created at the beginning of the nineteenth century. It is part of a rich collection of recipients designed to give something to drink, known as Mesciroba. The chromatic contrast between the warm amber tints of alabaster Agata and the cold whiteness of alabaster Scaglione give prominence to the bas-relief of two mythological figures carved on the vase body. The alabaster Agata handle is a very fine stylization of a cobra.
It is an original pair from the sixties. Price for one piece.
Price: €. 3250,00
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This is the most classic and renowned piece in the chiselled vases collection. The plaiting of grapes and leaves carved on the handles and on all over the vase surface is at the same time so rich and delicate as to produce an absolutely extraordinary impression.
The raw finishing brings out the working without hiding the crystalline transparency of the stone.
Unique piece.
Tazza a Vigna
Price: €. 3750,00
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This big vase, made in the Sixties, is an original piece by Dino Del Colombo (1900-1980) the most famous alabaster craftsman specialised in chiselling of the past century. The name
Tazza Gozzoli
Price: €. 9000,00
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