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Oggetti in legno d'olivo
A partire da quest'anno abbiamo aggiunto al nostro catalogo una serie di articoli in legno d'olivo. L'accesso a quest'area è riservata ai soli rivenditori.
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Alabastro di Volterra
The art of carving alabaster began during the Etruscan Era. The extraordinary skill and creativity of this mysterious civilisation has been handed down through the centuries...
The use and care of Alabaster
We realize complete maintenance and restoration of antique alabaster objects. Alabaster artefacts require a little attention and care in their placement and cleaning...
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Sculpture » Horses

The selected alabaster variety heightens the delicacy of the figure movement. The transparencies density enriches reflections effects so that the animal's muscles seem to move under a stone skin.
Unique piece by the sculptor Daniele Boldrini from Volterra.
Il Trotto (Trot)
Price: €. 1299,50
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Beauty and expressiveness of the horses features say very well how much this sculptor is keen on these animals.
The piece of alabaster is very fine - its tints vary from transparent light honey colour to opaque dark amber tone.
These colouring characteristics have been interpreted to underline the different personalities of the two subjects.
Unique piece by the sculptor Daniele Boldrini from Volterra.
La Coppia (The Pai
Price: €. 2327,80
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These three horses carved in the transport of running from a whole piece of Agata alabaster have an exceptional rhythm and plasticity. Also the stone seems to move as something living changing its tints from light honey to dark amber and offering its transparency to the light effects.
Unique and impressive piece by the sculptor Daniele Boldrini from Volterra.
La Corsa (The Run)
Price: €. 3672,50
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Strength and aggressiveness have been sculptured in an ivory colour block of alabaster. Works by this sculptor seem to come to life as if by magic.
Unique piece by the sculptor Daniele Boldrini from Volterra.
Lo Stallone (The S
Price: €. 1271,25
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