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A partire da quest'anno abbiamo aggiunto al nostro catalogo una serie di articoli in legno d'olivo. L'accesso a quest'area è riservata ai soli rivenditori.
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Alabastro di Volterra
The art of carving alabaster began during the Etruscan Era. The extraordinary skill and creativity of this mysterious civilisation has been handed down through the centuries...
The use and care of Alabaster
We realize complete maintenance and restoration of antique alabaster objects. Alabaster artefacts require a little attention and care in their placement and cleaning...
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Sculpture » Animals

Absolutely expressive the way to move of this wild boar carved in a piece of alabaster light amber colour with widespread black-grey veins.
Unique piece by the sculptor Daniele Boldrini from Volterra.
Price: €. 847,50
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The dolphin comes out from the stone like from a wave. This effect is heightened by the contrast between the perfect smoothing of the figure and the raw surface of the water.
The alabaster variety is very well-chosen.
Unique piece by the sculptor Daniele Boldrini from Volterra.
Il Delfino
Price: €. 2260,00
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This work of extraordinary delicacy and plasticity is an unique piece by the well-known sculptor Livio Ceccarelli from Volterra. These hunting bloodhounds have a special charm: perfect balance among the figures and extreme care for details give to the sculpture an ancient taste.
Exceptionally fine the alabaster Agata block: transparent with warm amber tones.
Unique piece.
I Segugi
Price: €. 2825,00
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The running of this animal is carved in a block of one among the rarest alabaster varieties.
Its colour with veining and small fossils is extraordinary similar to the wild boar fur.
Unique piece by the sculptor Daniele Boldrini from Volterra.
Il Cinghiale
Price: €. 1158,25
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It is an incredible plaiting of fishes which hide themselves in a depth rich of seaweeds, shells and starfishes carved in a whole piece a Agata alabaster. The light plays on the perfectly smoothed material with different tints like the reflections through the water surface.
Unique piece by the sculptor Daniele Boldrini from Volterra.
Il Mare ( The Sea
Price: €. 1977,50
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The veining and chiaroscuro of this block have the same movement as the shades under the ripply surface of the water in the sea. Truly fine this fish carved with great virtuosity inside coral branches.
Unique piece by the sculptor Tazio Bertini from Volterra.
Il Pesce
Price: €. 791,00
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